Router Lifts: the basics - Part 4

Anytime we start talking about buying new tools, the costs are something we need to consider. This is especially true if our wife will see the bill! All too often it seems that our needs and desires have to be balanced with the available cash in our pockets. As a result, we often lose features or reliability in the long term when we are forced by circumstances to compromise on quality so that we can afford what we need. Usually, we find the best case buying scenario when a tool has been around a long time and is made by so many manufacturers that they fight each other to provide a 'must have' set of features and top quality at a reasonable price. Fortunately for us, ROUTER LIFTS fall into that category!

How to maximize your router wood working ... invest in a quality ROUTER LIFT.

Quality manufactures have been producing and selling router lifts now for over nearly a decade (as of 2007). With prices that run from a low of $130 to highs in excess of $500, any of the many models currently being sold work well and offer that most-desired option of adjusting our routers settings without having to crawl around on the floor!

In most instances mounting your router in a router lift is simple: they set down directly in the lift carriage which is itself installed under the router table top using the same mount points on the table designed for the router itself. Once accomplished, you can easily adjust the height without groping around under the table or worrying about your router 'slipping out' when you loosen it. Models for both plunge-cut and fixed base routers exist, with a few capable of being used for either type of router. Just be certain the lift you are considering will work with both your wood router and your router table before shelling out your hard earned bucks!

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