Make router lift adjustments easy ... use this handy fraction to decimal conversion chart.

You can probably use this handy chart if you're like me, still thinking in the English measurement system. Most Americans (I'm actually Canadian, but grew up in America) find it difficult to think metric. I don't know why this is, because it is much easier to do metric arithmetic than fractional, at least it is for me. Perhaps it's just habit.

Whatever the case may be, many dial indicators on various instruments display decimal units. This often applies to the height adjustment indicators on router lifts. So, if you think in fractions like ½, you'll need to convert to decimal (0.500) so that you can make the correct adjustments. You can easily make the conversion using a calculator, but it can be a pain some times to put your hands on one while working in your shop.

To get around this, I just print out the table below and tape it in a spot where I can easliy see it in my shop. It's a great time saver. Give it a try if you like. I think you'll find it very useful.

fraction decimalfractiondecimal
1/64 0.01633/640.516
1/32 0.03117/320.531
3/64 0.04735/640.547
1/16 0.0639/160.563
5/64 0.07837/640.578
3/32 0.09419/320.594
7/64 0.10939/640.609
1/8 0.1255/80.625
9/64 0.14141/640.641
5/32 0.15621/320.656
11/64 0.17243/640.672
3/16 0.18811/160.688
13/64 0.20345/640.703
7/32 0.21923/320.719
15/64 0.23447/640.734
1/4 0.2503/40.750
17/64 0.26649/640.766
9/32 0.28125/320.781
19/64 0.29751/640.797
5/16 0.31313/160.813
21/64 0.32853/640.828
11/32 0.34427/320.844
23/64 0.35955/640.859
3/8 0.3757/80.875
25/64 0.39157/640.891
13/32 0.40629/320.906
27/64 0.42259/640.922
7/16 0.43815/160.938
29/64 0.45361/640.953
15/32 0.46931/320.969
31/64 0.48463/640.984
1/2 0.50064/641.000


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