Router Lifts: the basics - Part 7

There are quite a few router lift choices out there, and I'm sure you will find one that will work well for you. Before I forget, please be sure that the lift you buy allows you to compensate for router backlash caused by any slack in your adjustment screws. Router lifts usually make this compensation either in the scale system or through your manual corrections! When considering the various router lift choices, also bear in mind that most scales use the metric system rather than the woodworker's tried and true fractions that are common to most tape measures. Don't let this discourage you though, since conversion charts are readily available such as the one we feature here on our site. Our chart allows you to quickly identify what the metric setting is in inches and percentages. I keep a laminated copy taped in my shop at all times and have found it useful more often then I care to admit!

A JessEm router lift can make your router table work a real joy.

There are many manufacturers out there, including some of the bigger names such as Jessem, Bench Dog, Jointech, Rousseau, Woodhaven and Woodpecker. The Bench Dog ProLift is a very popular choice. Or, you might try a Jessem router lift. They come in four styles that all work well. Jointechs SmartLift Digital has quite the following as well. If you know what you need in a lift, odds are that you will find a model that works for you with just a little research.

If you want to create a homemade router lift, that is an option. Although, with the need for flex resistance and accurate machining, most people don't bother. Without these characteristics a router lift is practically useless. In some cases wood routers have their own built-in 'router lift' capabilities and are geared towards being mounted to router tables. If you are in the market for a new router, researching one of these models may be an excellent option. However you choose to go, first do a little research and study some reviews. You'll be glad you did. The information you gain will save you a lot of time and money.

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