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Wood Routers - Cut through the hype surrounding wood routers and learn what really counts when picking the best machine for the way YOU work.

Router Bits - The ultimate secret for professional results with a wood router is to use sharp, high quality router bits.

Router Tables - Like the Pros, you can increase your safety, control, and accuracy by using a Router Table in your wood shop.

Router Lifts - For speed and accuracy, professional woodworkers use router lifts to make it a snap when changing bits or adjusting the cutting height of their bit.

Router Accessories - The best kept secrets of the wood working trade ... router accessories.

Woodworking Plans - Obtain spectacular results in far less time when you use woodworking plans.


Please visit our article directories where you'll find information strictly related to wood routers, router techniques, reviews, overviews of basics, etc.:

  • Wood Router Articles Index - a wealth of information about router types, buying a router that meets your needs, router maintenance ...
  • Router Bits Articles Index - router bits are where the "rubber meets the road", so to speak. To achieve success using a wood router, you need to know what bit to uses, how to use it, how to keep it sharp ...
  • Router Tables Articles Index - a router table gives you a stable platform from which you can safely work on you projects. But, before you buy one, learn what you need to know to make the best choice ...
  • Router Lift Articles Index - find everything you need to know about router lifts, how to pick one, how they work ...


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