Wood Routers: How to decide on just one - Part 4

Of the other wood working router models available, the one's often pointed out include the Bosch 1619 EVS, which is touted as having a deeper maximum depth (a full 2.75" rather than the 1.75" associated with the Milwaukee). Another model is the Porter-Cable 7518 that provides what may be a more cost effective alternative. Each of the many available manufacturers and their various models all have their pros and cons and all need to be considered in the light of your work methods and how you are likely to mount and use the routers on a daily basis.

The 2 most overlooked things to consider when buying a wood router: article reviews and customer service.

To help make these decisions, it is a great idea to seek out wood working router reviews from companies who list and compare the various models. Start with various magazines such as Tauntons Tool guide, the Woodworkers Journal, Workbench, or Wood Magazine. Most magazines these days have online sources. Other resources include your peers, either in online forums or at the local lumber mill, or tool stores. Tool stores are great places to hear how well various systems hold up and how they are performing. Better yet, you can see what models the experts have in their arsenal. Getting info from stores does have its draw back, though. You spend time to travel and money for gas. Moreover, you lose the search and compare capability that online shopping offers.

Customer service is another often overlooked feature that is well worth researching and considering when making a purchase too. Even though most wood routers are not all that expensive, the work you are doing with them is vital and can even be dangerous if you mismatch a wood router to an application. So, you gain great benefit by having a knowledgeable and caring staff available to help guide you on how to use a router. Having such help with the basics, wood working router projects become a snap. A great customer service staff will be glad to help you at any time if you have questions or run into problems further down the line. In fact I think customer service, and how the company is likely to handle any issues or calls you make to them, is more than important: it is critical!

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