Increase the life of your router - use the correct RPM for router bits.

It boils down to angular momentum, a law of physics. Just about everyone has seen an Olympic skater spinning on the ice. They spin slower when they extend their arms out to the sides. Conversely, they spin faster and faster as they bring their arms in toward the axis long which they are spinning, toward the center.

The same thing applies to router bits. For example, physics dictates that a straight router bit with a ¼" diameter will naturally spin faster than a raised panel bit with a 3" diameter. This fact directly affects the load on the motor in your wood router. It will take more power to get your raised panel bit to spin as fast as your straight bit.

Router bit size is the main factor when setting the correct RPM for router bits.

You'll create a lot of heat in the windings of the motor in your wood router if you constantly try to run it at 20,000 RPMs with a big bit. In general, heat is the biggest enemy of any electrical device. Whether its a wood router, car amplifier, or computer hard drive - heat does the most damage. So try to work with nature rather than against it. Use the table below as a guide to setting the correct speed for you router according to the size of your router bit. Your router and your wallet will thank you.

Bit Size

Max Speed (RPM)

0-2 "
0-3 "


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