Router Lifts: the basics - Part 1

When we refer to our wood routers, most of us really are talking about more than just the steel and plastic motors that hold and spin the steels bits we use to cut wood and some soft metals. If you think about it, we often times refer more to the entire system with which we use and control that wonderful tool: our table on which the router is mounted, the various bits we own and use, the jigs and systems we have developed to create the results we need.

Discover the complete control and efficiency that router lifts provide.

Just as we really mean both our bits and drivers as well as the drill when we refer to those practical tools, we tend to identify what we can accomplish with a tool and it's accessories under the name of the tool itself in most cases. So when it comes to our routers, the most often prominently featured addition to the router itself, which we probably group along with our definition of a 'router', is our router table. For those who either have a removable router or who have not yet been introduced to the wonderful world of router lifts thinking of these systems can be bittersweet.

One of the banes of even good router tables is the fact that routers were mainly designed to be adjusted and controlled in hand-held scenarios. Thus, accessing the depth measurements and settings when a router is mounted on the underside of a sawdust coated table can be less than easy or not particularly fun for most of us. When mounted in a table, making changes on the body of the wood router now involves distortions and contortions we, the wood worker, were never designed to accomplish. What are we to do? After all, the goal of our purchasing this equipment was to minimize just these types of hassles wasn't it? To provide additional safety and control? The answer dear friends is (insert angels singing) the router lift.

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