Router Tables: basics on the accessory for mounting wood routers - Part 5

As an alternative to a router table build, I suggest another option that many don't consider. That is, to purchase a used router table. With this option, you must be prepared to accept whatever features come with a prospective table. Remember, even a basics wood working router table can make a huge difference. And, if you find a basic model cheap, you can always modify it to include the latest accessories and features that you may be pining after. This can be a good compromise. Most second hand buys go for far less that the retail price. You could take that savings and put it into modifications that may allow you to have things like a machined aluminum surface, exacting standards for mounting points, standard guards that still allow you to change the table height, good table width, etc. You can get what you need without breaking the bank by purchasing top of the line. Buying used also means you can quickly have a router table available to help with the construction of any extensions and jigs that you decide to create rather then purchase, ensuring they will also be up to par and last for years to come.

The basics ... in wood working router tables can really do the trick for you.

A great resource for finding that table of your dreams on the cheap, provided you are not in a great hurry is by hitting estate sales and auctions. A gently used and well-cared for system can often be found complete with many of the features and accessories you might have been planning on building, for less then the cost of supplies. As a side benefit, you would helping a fellow woodworker's cherished piece of equipment stay 'in the game'. That is an honor I'm sure we all would appreciate thinking someone else would do for us someday. Another option is online auctions such as e-Bay where people may be getting out of the hobby or unloading equipment they bought and found they didn't need. Yet another oprion is, of course, online forums. Or, simply look on billboards at local woodworking shops. They are still available for the internet impaired like myself!

No matter what style of router or table you wind up with, or decide to build, experts agree that this is one addition that will make your work easier and safer. It will expand your capabilities in woodworking so don't skimp. If you get the right table for you, it will more than pay for itself in the years to come: and you will wonder in those years how you ever got along without it!

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